System Advantages

Off balance sheet financing.

All expenses are tax deductible.

Normal credit limits of your company shall not be influenced.

VAT of the vehicle shall not create a financial burden.

Improvement of your financial means.

The possibility of arranging the payment plan according to the cash flow of the customer.

Possibility of making a selection among such alternatives as buying the leased vehicle, extending the lease term or returning the vehicle.

The lessee will have to engage minimum amount of work force for the regular maintenance of the leased vehicles, since the responsibility for that service belongs to the lesser under the contract.

The leaseholder company shall not have to allocate any capital for leasing vehicles.

The leaseholder company is provided the possibility of using its cash sources in a manner which is more favorable from the point of view of pursuing its business activities properly.

Getting rid of the risk of being an asset holder.

The possibility to ensure regular monthly cash flow through the use of the vehicles and make more realistic budget estimates.

There is no need to calculate amortization and consequently management expenses are reduced.

A single invoice is used to pay lease, insurance, servicing and maintenance expenses.

The practice of operational fleet leasing makes it possible for the companies to lease the vehicles for flexible periods.

The possibility to solve all the problems about the fleet by a single official.

The possibility to use a vehicle which is always new and in good order so that the image of your company is strengthened.

The possibility to use a company vehicle for which all periodic maintenance works have been completed.