Our Services

All formalities and problems related to your vehicle shall be followed up and dealt with by us. This will make it possible for the companies and users to obtain maximum benefit by

working with us.

We shall follow up, carry out and coordinate all services related to your vehicles including their maintenance and reparation, damage management, supply of tires, road assistance,

procurement of substitute vehicles and tax & insurance formalities.  

When the maintenance time of your vehicles has come, we pick them from your office and let maintenance and reparation works done as best as possible by our authorized services and return them to your office on the same day. We supply a substitute vehicle if the service time is to.

If your vehicle has been damaged, we shall pick it from where it is located and organize everything to carry out the necessary formalities with the insurance company, maintenance and reparation, road assistance and towing services. This will enable you to pursue your business activities without any interruption and loss of time.

Replacement of the tires of your vehicles shall be done by us. In case you demand a winter tire we shall procure it and arrange for the replacement in the nearest location. Drivers may contact us 24 hours a day for the whole week for all their problems and requests concerning their vehicles.

Upon your request, we may also buy order and take delivery of the extra accessories of your vehicles on your behalf. 

We organize all formalities required for the physical of your vehicles; we pick your vehicle from your address, let it examined and redeliver it your address.  

We deal with the payment of motoring fines and follow up the whole relevant process on your behalf.

We arrange for test driving for a vehicle which you want to lease but have not driven before.