About Us

Basing on experience of its founders in the sector, Optimal Auto Lease is fleet lease companies which offer its services all over the country and has outstand as an exemplary establishment thanks to its     adherence to the principle of customer satisfaction at the highest level. It offers “operational lease” programs to its customers under different conditions.

The purpose of Optimal Auto Lease is to offer high quality services and thereby ensure the maximum yield for the vehicle investments of its customers. 

In order to realize that purpose, Optimal Auto Lease employs a well trained, experienced and professional team and uses instruments which are the product of state of the art technology, completely focusing on solving all problems of and offering a widespread service network to its customers related to the fleet leasing operations.

Besides having adapted an understanding of service based on a high level of commercial ethics and insight in the relevant field of service, the main strategy of Optimal Auto Lease may be defined as “helping its customers to find new methods for reducing the costs, enable them to make use of a complete fleet management service and consequently remove all barriers that prevent their working efficiently.

The unique understanding of service of Optimal Auto Lease is focused on  releasing its customers of such financial and administrative burden and formalities as buying and selling a vehicle, finance, registration of vehicles, insurance of vehicles, maintenance of vehicles and other legal formalities.