Frequently asked questions

Which brand and type of vehicles can we lease?

You can lease vehicles of all brands and models, including both domestic and imported products.
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How is it possible that two vehicles with the same value have different leasing prices?

The value of the vehicle is only one of the factors which are taken into consideration in determining the leasing prices. Interest rates, lease period and the value of the vehicle in second-hand market are the most important factors that influence the lease price. It may well be possible that two vehicles with the same value shall have different sale prices at the end of the lease period. Consequently the amount of lease payments shall be different for each one of them.

How long must the lease term be?

You may lease a vehicle for a minimum period of 12 months and a maximum period of 48 months.

What can we do at the end of the lease term?

You may return the leased vehicle at the end of the lease term. We may extend the term of the lease contract upon your request, in which case the same vehicle shall have been leased by you for the extended term. Another alternative is that you buy the vehicle at the second-hand market value at the end of the lease term. If you want a vehicle with a new brand and model at the end of the lease term you may easily do it by renewing your lease contract.

Are such expenses as maintenance, replacement of lubrication, replacement of tires, road assistance services and towing fees included in the lease price?

Our company shall bear all the expenses stated above.

May we return the vehicle at any time we want?

You may return the vehicle at any time you want provided that you pay the compensation stipulated in the operational lease contract.

Are we allowed to use logos or advertisements of our company on the vehicle?

You may use the logos or advertisements of your company on the vehicle provided that such expenses as the fee for the renewal of the vehicle license and advertisement expenses are covered by your company.

Which alternative is more advantageous? Lease the vehicle personally or in the name of the company?

It is more advantageous to lease the vehicle in the name of the company as it shall make it possible to save VAT.

Will your company provide us a substitute vehicle if the maintenance and reparation works last longer than expected?

You don’t need to worry. Our company will provide you a substitute vehicle in such cases.

Do you replace the tires of the vehicle leased by us?

Tires of the leased vehicles are replaced with new ones by our company in compliance with the tire replacement standards.